reblog if you’d still like 5sos even if they were ugly as shit






just wanna see how many people actually care about their music


I’m sorry but this only has 8,000+ out of he millions of twitter/instagram/tumblr/facebook followers they have

This needs more notes like are looks really that important? 

11917 thats it out of the 2.1 million luke and ashton have on instagram

Reblog if a band has made you a happier person.


Here’s to four years of love


i have no feelings or emotions just sarcasm running through my veins



Best Song Ever ~ 5/8

5sos when their bae is cold

Ashton : *Makes her tea*
Luke : *cuddles with her*
Michael : *Gives her his jacket*
Calum : "Dammit woman i can't control the weather"

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you dont know frustration until youve tried plugging something into a socket in the dark


Whoever this girl was she’s my hero

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What did you think about the documentary “Crazy About One Direction?”

Louis: Can I just say it's very easy for people to write up on something like "Crazy about One Direction?" 'Cause actually, I hadn't seen it when everyone was talking about it but I watched it the other night, and when girls make quick flippant comments, they don't actually mean them. But when you write, in the paper, stuff like, "this girl said she would do this because of One Direction," it sounds dramatic. And for me that dramatizes the whole thing, and I think it's incredibly unethical, the whole thing.
Zayn: Just from experience with your own family, like your own sisters would make a flippant comment and you know that they wouldn't mean it, you know what I mean? Like that's the way you would view that surely, because of the age of some of the people that were in it.
Louis: I think it's unfair. It's not just unfair to us either, more importantly it's actually unfair to the whole fanbase.
Zayn: Yeah, it doesn't portray them in the right way.
Louis: We could bitch about this all day...


sophia @ niall: you better count your fucking days bitch